How would you like to use your PartyPod!


Let’s spice it up!

And cool it down!




The center portion of the PartyPod is and ideal open “ice feature” for dispensing bottled beverages for your guests. It can be used for chilling and displaying food dishes as well. Filling it with just water makes a beautiful reflection pond. Consult with one of our artistic designers to create beautiful displays by floating candles or flower heads to accent your well. The continuous flowing fountain with LED uplighting creates wonderful atmosphere for any event you may have. Ask our talented designers how to accent your PartyPod to create just the right atmosphere for your function.

The dimensions of the well area are 18″ wide and 36″ long and 11″ deep.

If you are using the well as an ice feature this unit requires ?? bags of ice which we will provide and fill the well for an additional cost unless ice is provided by the venue.