Rental Information

The Gracious

Important information you must read and authorize before renting the PartyPod. (PDF)

The Gracious is recommended for indoor venues. Outdoor venues will be considered as long as the venue is held in a weather secure tent or enviroment protecting the PartyPod.

The minimum length elevator size for venues held on any floors other than ground level is 10 feet one inch.

PartyPods cannot be delivered or wheeled on any other surfaces other than a continual solid hard surface capable of handling heavy weight. Carpeting is not a problem.

Maximum “cordless” battery run time for the PartyPod is approximately 7 hours with all features activated. If venue is longer than 7 hrs a 110v power supply is needed to keep PartyPod activated. A minimum recharge time is approximately 15hrs between venues.

A minimum set up time of an hour and a half is needed for the PartyPod. Minimum tear down time of an hour and a half is required.

We do NOT allow any decorations or items taped, attached, or hung on the PartyPod. You will forfeit your deposit if you do not abide by this agreement. Our talented staff will be
be happy to assist you in adding any floral or decor accents to the PartyPod.

You agree to allow PartyPods, The Gift Guru, and Randel Richmond to use pictures and media pertaining to your venue or event for promotional purposes via FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Website or any other Social Media, or Media in general Platforms. If you do not agree to these terms you must provide a confidentiality agreement to be signed at execution of rental agreement.

If your event is located outside of the Orlando area and requires transporting of PartyPods, travel/shipping/hotel accommodation/parking expenses for PartyPod and crew and any additional fees related to your venue.


Deposit and Payment Information (PDF file)

50% deposit is due at time of rental agreement in order to reserve your PartyPod. 50% deposit of cost of venue to be paid in full in order for rental agreement to be binding. 100% of your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your agreement within 30 days prior of your event date.

Remaining balance must be paid immediately at end of your venue or event unless payment terms have otherwise been established and stated in this rental agreement.

A security deposit of $500.00 is required for damage, missing parts, chairs or components pertaining to the pod or equipment rented from us. You or an authorized representative will be required to do a “walk around” inspection for damage or concerns with a PartyPod representative before start time of your venue. The same procedure will be required for after the venue to inspect for damages or any missing parts or issues with the PartyPod that occurred due to your venue, you or any person or persons, guests or not guests, general public that attended or had access to the PartyPod in relation to your venue. YOU ARE 100 PERCENT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PARTYPOD, EQUIPMENT, CHAIRS, ANY OTHER RENTED PRODUCTS.
Liability Waiver (PDF file)
You release The Gift Guru, PartyPods and Randel Richmond of any liability issues that may occur with the rental of a PartyPod or any equipment. You are responsible for any accidents, injuries or incidents that may occur to anyone attending the venue whether public or private. YOU AGREE TO HOLD THE GIFT GURU, PARTYPODS OR RANDEL RICHMOND HARMLESS AND NOT AT FAULT FOR ANY SUCH CLAIMS RELATED TO ANY INJURIES, CLAIMS, OR ANY OTHER INCIDENTS OR ISSUES THAT MAY OCCUR AT YOUR VENUE CAUSED BY ANYONE ATTENDING, INCLUDING GUESTS, ANYONE AFFILIATED WITH YOU OR YOUR COMPANY OR THE GENERAL PUBLIC.