VIPod Options



Additional chair & table rental.

Aluminum Barstools $8.00 ea/day

Deluxe red director chairs with side arm tables $10.00 ea/day

Please call us for additional table rental information.

Outdoor cool breeze unit _1

 Outdoor cool breeze unit (2 units available) $75/unit/day

These outdoor cool breeze units create a refreshing breeze when pointed at your gathering or seating area. Not only will you enjoy the cool breeze it also helps deter flying bugs and mosquitos.

VIPod photoshop1-2

Outdoor Decor/Seating Package $250.00 first day $125.00 each additional day

VIPod shown with decor/seating package. Package Includes 4 aluminum barstools, 4 deluxe red director’s chairs with side arm tables, 2 deluxe red umbrellas with illumination and heavy duty stands, 8 x 10 outdoor rug, five deluxe outdoor foliage displays with stands, and 2 outdoor trash receptacles.



Unlimited use Generator Package $175.00

Rental of the VIPod includes 8 hours of generator usage. The generator packages allows a full 24 hour use of the generator and refueling service when needed. If your venue does not have a 50 amp power service available located no further than 40 feet away with correct hook-up, you will need to purchase this package in order to run A/C systems and electrical needs of your VIPod if your venue is longer than 8 hours. (Electrical supply will be interrupted during refueling of the generator due to safety precautions)