VIPod Information

Rental Information

When deciding where you would like your VIPod parked for your venue please read this important information.

The trailer is 44 ft long and needs a minimum clearance of approximately 14ft in height. The unit is as large as a semi truck and trailer. Take into consideration the ability of the driver being able to maneuver the rig into place. This unit requires a very large turning radius that cannot have curbs or trees that will keep the driver from parking or maneuvering the unit. If semi trucks do not travel the road frequently where you are planning on locating your VIPod, you must consider over hanging tree limbs and such that will prohibit us from delivering the unit. Remember to check not only the road ways to your event, but more importantly the driveways and service roads that lead into your venue location. It would be a good idea to have a back up location selected in case we are unable to park the unit at your first choice of location. We will assist you in making your decision as to where to locate your VIPod.

Unit must be parked on a stable hard paved surface. We cannot park unit on grass surfaces unless we have done a pre-inspection of area. Due to the weight of the unit it will sink into soft surfaces. Also rain will soften grass surface areas and unit will not travel over any unstable areas. Rain can prevent us from parking the unit anywhere other than paved surfaces.

Deposit and Payment Information (PDF file)

50% deposit is due at time of rental agreement in order to reserve your PartyPod. 50% deposit of cost of venue to be paid in full in order for rental agreement to be binding. 100% of your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your agreement within 30 days prior of your event date.

Remaining balance must be paid immediately at end of your venue or event unless payment terms have otherwise been established and stated in this rental agreement.

A security deposit of $500.00 is required for damage, missing parts, chairs or components pertaining to the ParyPods or equipment rented from us. An authorized representative will be required to do a “walk around” inspection for damage or concerns with a PartyPod representative before start time of your venue. The same procedure will be required after the venue to inspect for damages or any missing parts or issues with the PartyPod that occurred due to your venue, you or any person or persons, guests or not guests, or general public that may attended or had access to the PartyPod in relation to your venue. YOU ARE 100 PERCENT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PARTYPOD, EQUIPMENT, CHAIRS, ANY OTHER RENTED PRODUCTS.

Liability Waiver (PDF file)
You release The Gift Guru, PartyPods and Randel Richmond of any liability issues that may occur with the rental of a PartyPod or any equipment. You are responsible for any accidents, injuries or incidents that may occur to anyone attending the venue whether public or private. YOU AGREE TO HOLD THE GIFT GURU, PARTYPODS OR RANDEL RICHMOND HARMLESS AND NOT AT FAULT FOR ANY SUCH CLAIMS RELATED TO ANY INJURIES, CLAIMS, OR ANY OTHER INCIDENTS OR ISSUES THAT MAY OCCUR AT YOUR VENUE CAUSED BY ANYONE ATTENDING, INCLUDING GUESTS, ANYONE AFFILIATED WITH YOU OR YOUR COMPANY OR THE GENERAL PUBLIC.